Take your students on a virtual field trip to the greenhouses of Southeast Michigan.   Mike Schenk, owner of Fitkin’s Greenhouse in Ottawa Lake, explains what a greenhouse is, as well as the characteristics and needs of the plants he carries.   Tom Smith, owner of Four Star Greenhouse in Carleton, will take questions from local students and discuss the business of running a greenhouse.  The following modules are designed to correspond to Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations standards (more information).

Fitkins Greenhouse Virtual Field Trip 1
Part 1: Introduction and Fitkin’s History0:59
Fitkins Greenhouse Virtual Field Trip 2
Part 2: What Is a Greenhouse?3:15
Fitkin's Greenhouse Virtual Field Trip 3
Part 3: Working in a Greenhouse1:35
Fitkin's Greenhouse Virtual Field Trip 4
Part 4: Characteristics and Types of Plants2:31
Fitkin's Greenhouse Virtual Field Trip 5
Part 5: Planting Demonstration1:25
Fitkin's Greenhouse Virtual Field Trip: 6
Part 6: Advice on Growing Plants2:04
Tom Smith, Four Star Greenhouse Virtual Field Trip
Live Q&A with Tom Smith, Owner of Four Star Greenhouse47:36

Printable Curriculum

This Virtual Field Trip ties into the following MGLCE standards:

2nd Grade

L.OL.E.1 Life Requirements- Organisms have basic needs. Animals and plants need air, water, and food. Plants also require light. Plants and animals use food as a source of energy and as a source of building material for growth and repair.
L.OL.02.14 Identify the needs of plants.

3rd Grade

L.OL.E.3 Structures and Functions- Organisms have different structures that serve different functions in growth, survival, and reproduction.
L.OL.03.31 Describe the function of the following plant parts: flower, stem, root, and leaf.
L.OL.E.4 Classification- Organisms can be classified on the basis of observable characteristics.
L.OL.03.41 Classify plants on the basis of observable physical characteristics (roots, leaves, stems, and flowers).